Hula Hooping & Juggling Sessions at St Nicolas Church in Nuneaton
Hoop Size Chooser

What Size Hoop should a beginner use?

Hoop size is dependent on your waist size.  It has nothing to do with your height !!

The chart below gives the ideal minimum size for a beginner to start hooping.

Waist size                         Hoop Diameter

30 inches                             38 inches

32 inches                             40 inches

34 inches                             42 inches

36 inches                             45 inches

38 inches                             48 inches

40 inches                             50 inches

If you still struggle to keep the hoop going, double check your technique is correct by watching this video
Alternatively try using a larger hoop, for example a hoop 4 to 6 inches larger in diameter will help a struggling beginner to understand the technique and be able to move down to a smaller hoop if they want to as they gain experience.
Of course, if you are an experienced hooper, you will only need this information to pass on to any beginners asking for advice.  You will be quite able to decide for yourself what size hoop you want, or prefer to use.  *smiles*

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